Audiovisual Piece

Year: 2021
Data and Animation: Ghazal Majidi
Music and Sound Design: Behrang Najafi AKA Bescolour
This audiovisual piece was made using generative adversarial network (GAN) and programming with the goal of creating a 3D feel to a rather two-dimensional aesthetic. The data for this collection was comprised of a series of organic yet unhuman objects that resembled faces, like potatoes, sphynx cats, mountains, body parts, etc that were all captured by the artist and fed to the network alongside AI-generated human faces to produce an expressionistic quality in face structure. The GAN was then developed with code into a voxel-like display to better materialize the transition between the faces and suit the initial concept of faces replacing each other as the host. 
The music for the visual is an atmospheric electronic piece composed by Behrang Najafi.
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