Moss Grew
3D Animated Music Video

Writer, Director, Animation: Ghazal Majidi
Music: Rojin Sharafi
Animation Assistant: Mohamadreza Hejazi
Mastering: Rashad Becker

Moss Grew depicts a post-human dream. An entanglement of memory and nature devouring the physical trails of all man-made.  Parallel to the concept realized for Kariz, the third album by Rojin Sharafi, wherein an ideal embodiment of the past as well as the self is under examination through an experimental sonic experience, the visual interpretation of the album's opening piece spotlights the unsustainable trails of memories in a fantasy setting. Following the isolation experience of the pandemic, the individual’s perception of home as part of identity grew ever more intertwined with the objects surrounding them. Diving into that very notion, Moss Grew curiously plays with the empty space that memories leave behind, fertile for distortion and destruction. As the melancholic sounds of Moss Grew echo through the remains, the walls unleash the time-fed parasites of the past life like a corpse dissolved by worms - viciously pleasing.

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