Artist In Isolation
Self Portrait Series

Year: 2020

Kill The Virus, 2020

The Artist in Isolation is a self-portrait series that was initiated by the first of 2020 Covid lockdowns. In the early weeks of isolation, I, like most others, faced new mental challenges that surfaced through the weightlessness of solitude. My subject matter for this series revolves around the challenges of maintaining a consistent sense of self - a state of self-assessment that is often undermined by the hierarchy in self-projections. Reflecting on the newly-set strict rules of routine in the days of lockdown, I tried to focus on the new defining role that rooms played in creating storylines in quarantine. And through that, a voice spoke louder than others. An embodiment of the super-ego, enslaving other voices to reach her ideals. Portrayed through a surrealistic viewpoint to appear in harmony with the abstract structures of the subconscious, this series is an ongoing exploration of self through different mediums.

Echo, 2020

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