Yas Tribute Video
Point Cloud Video Documentation

Photogrammetry and Video: Ghazal Majidi
Graffti Artists: Hoshvar, Xamoosh
Music/Sound Design: Shahin Entezami
This project is a video documentation commissioned by Soo Contemporary, an art gallery based in Tehran, in collaboration with two Iranian graffiti artists, Hoshvar and Xamoosh, and musician/sound artist Shahin Entezami. The aim of this collaboration was to pay tribute to the renowned Iranian rapper Yas with a large mural in an abandoned house in downtown Tehran. The video was made using photogrammetry, a method in which multiple photos of still subjects are taken to then be generated into point cloud data and 3D objects. Accordingly, the process of painting the murals was divided into four stages and each was scanned separately. 
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