Artist Statement
I am a digital storyteller. In my practice I draw from the intersection of Film and New Media with an experimental approach toward storytelling and genre. With a body of work comprising 3D animation shorts, time-based and generative audiovisuals, experimental music videos, and photography, I explore my main subject matter of identity and its contributing concepts, i.e. memory, loss, and attachment, as well as humans’ interaction with the surrounding space. While I sometimes study this conundrum in an inward-looking manner, e.g. in my self-portrait series, oftentimes I draw attention to these matters through creating alien worlds with parallel paradigms to our reality. Following an academic background in Architecture, I have dived deep into the dynamics between Space and Story- a reciprocating relationship that drives most of my work. As so, I seek new qualities of surrounding space that lure in outlandish tales.

I like to integrate genres within a unified world. With my preferences being magical realism, fantasy, and mystery, I perceive the story and the medium as intertwined in their mission to create. I have practiced this notion both in gathering a multidisciplinary ensemble; as well as creating a conceptual outline to shape storytelling strategies. This ensemble has been induced by maintaining a wide digital canvas through fusing various software and techniques of visualization such as 3D animation, generative and time-based code art, fractal art, and film.

By operating in diverse positions such as writer, director, animator, assistant curator, actor, set designer, and photographer, I have found it most in line with my artistic comfort to improvise the direction of my images with no extended pre-production period. Furthermore, throughout my creative experience, I have sustained a cross-disciplinary dialogue with sound and music in collaboration with various musicians and performers to interpret sound into moving images.

Music has always been my initial trigger, inspiration, as well as my remedy. That is why I have expanded my practice to Music Video, Video Art, and most recently Live Visual Coding. In experimental sonic expressions, I find the freedom to saturate my pieces with bold colors and textures, unidentifiable atmospheres, methodically-set motifs, and references to my inspirational sources. I enjoy creating settings/stories that don’t necessarily appeal to the audience’s sense of familiarity but playfully challenge it.

My works are presented in both physical and virtual contexts, i.e. in film festivals and galleries, and are created with the possibility of further development in relation to the presentation method. As so, in most of my videos, frames have been designed so to be presented as stand-alone still images; complementing the videos yet spotting the light on finer details. With regards to continuity in the body of work, my portfolio has to be approached in categories of different techniques. Although there are conceptual strings that bind them together, aesthetical experimentation is essential to me.
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